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Ig. Fb. In.

Digital Communication Agency

We believe in entertainment and its potential to built brand communication and turn heads. We are a new communication agency specialized in digital strategy, social media and content productions.

Digital Strategy

For us, it’s not about a unique method, it’s about unique clients. We work to develop digital strategies that are effective in communicating a product or service in a relevant and unique way.

Our method consists of putting together what a brand wants to communicate with what the public wants to listen to, through an analysis of target audience and the market.

Video and photo production

The natural evolution of engagement is entertainment. Today, consumers do not simply wait around for interesting offers according to their tastes; they need feasible and engaging content.

For this reason we take up the role of producing photo and video content inspired by the world of entertainment, on another level.


Visual uber alles: Our ‘playground’ for digital strategies is mainly Social media, but we also develop Brand books, Websites, and other experiences. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride.


Fabiola - Account & Producer Fabiola - Founder - Account & Producer
Federico Mulas - Digital Strategist & Producer Federico Mulas - Digital Strategist & Producer
Sara Dresti - Graphic Designer Sara Dresti - Graphic Designer
Silvia Salerno - Social Media & Digital PR Silvia Salerno - Social Media & Digital PR