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Sapori Solari

Communication Strategy

Welcome to the Social Media channels of the #1 restaurant (on Trip Advisor) in Milan. The communication strategy has the objective of conveying the values of the restaurant tied to the tradition and traceability of the products that are served, through detailed content (photos and videos) that is focused on the product and on the restaurant’s discovery of the territory.

The Method for Sapori Solari

For the grand opening of Sapori Solari’s 2nd restaurant, we recruited 4 food influencers for the #GiroDeiSapori (TasteTour). A “tour of Italy”, but in Milan.
The activity was subdivided into 2 phases, both focused on the Instagram accounts of the 4 influencers and on the official Instagram and Facebook accounts of Sapori Solari.
In the first “teaser” phase, the influencers biked to a piazza in Milan, which represented, according to its name, a region of Italy. Once they arrived to their piazzas, the influencers asked their followers to answer a culinary question on the region assigned to them.
In the second phase, every influencer accompanied by one of their followers (whoever gave the first correct response to the quiz) participated in the inauguration event.