Why social networks are the best marketplace for real estate

The Real Estate market is always looking for new ways to promote properties for sale. Undoubtedly among the most innovative and effective methods, is a good marketing strategy to optimize a brand’s presence on social media channels. Today, more and more people are using the Internet and their smartphone to find a dream home: from the many websites that collect ads from all over the country, to Instagram. We also find ourselves in a historic period where homes themselves can use smartphones and the IoT (Internet of Things) to improve the lives of those who live in them. The aim is to make the virtual world of services such as electricity, heating, water, waste and transport, interact with infrastructure and buildings. Cities will have to transform, and this will require the realisation of intelligent components and their connection in real time. We’re entering an era of smart cities.

What social networks offer for the real estate market

A National Association of Relators study reveals how social media may be a gold mine for the real estate market:

– 77% of real estate agencies rely on social media channels: promotion in the digital world works, so don’t give your competitors too much of an advantage;

– Out of the contacts (leads) one may get from social networks, around 50% of them are quality leads: much more than with “traditional” channels, which by nature are more dispersive;

– 99% of millennials and 90% of baby boomers begin looking for a new home on the web;

In The Method’s experience, for the same advertising investment administered on Facebook and Instagram, we can note how the construction sector is able to generate more leads compared to many other types of businesses.


Lead generation data retrieved by The Method

How to implement a real estate social media marketing plan

A good social media marketing campaign ensures greater exposure to your real estate agency’s brand and properties for sale online. Here are some key points with which you can increase the value of your business:

– Engagement: generating engagement with potential customers is the best way to grow your audience and establish direct contact. A good example is Instagram stories, with their numerous interactive applications.

– Targeting: through efficient investments, social networks allow you to communicate directly with quality audiences. Correct targeting will bring your social presence directly to potential buyers.

– Diversify: each social platform has its own style and audience… it uses each channel in the best possible way. Decide where to communicate news (Linkedin), events (Facebook), video content (YouTube) or simple photos (Instagram).

– Content: social networks are the best space to win potential customers through unique content. For example, they allow you to create 360° experiences of an apartment, directly visible from any smartphone. Even classic renderings may easily be disseminated through platforms specialising in photography. What if you want to try something new and explore the potential of virtual reality? There’s room for all of this on digital channels.

If you’re interested in developing a social strategy for your real estate business, take a look at our services!